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    Shisha Supplier

    ShishaSupplier & Services

    Our catering services include Shishas and Arabic drinks.
    – We provide premium quality shishas with various and
    innovative models outsourced from the most known
    suppliers throughout the world
    – Our international network provides us with the latest
    tobacco innovations and flavours. We offer different brands
    according to customers’ needs
    Arabic drinks
    Our well-trained baristas are professional in preparing the
    true Arabic flavored drinks. From Moroccan tea to the
    Egyptian sahlab and the Turkish coffee, we select the finest
    ingredients that offer the best experience to the customers.

    WhyOut Source ?

    – Let us what we do best: Shisha and Arabic drinks are
    our specialty and we can guarantee a superior quality to
    your establishment
    – Get rid of the operational costs: The hotel will not
    incur any investment and we will take care of everything
    from recruiting the adequate staff to providing the
    shishas, tobaccos and uniforms
    – Avoid losses: Rainy days can affect us all and we will
    support all the costs even during business downturns
    and low season periods
    – Solid track record: We serve the best hotels in the UAE!
    Lido Hospitality

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    – We are pioneers in the field in the UAE. We were the first
    company in Dubai to start providing such products to the
    Hospitality sector
    – Solid values of integrity and seriousness demonstrated
    by our strong reputation in the market
    – longstanding experience. Throughout the years, we
    learned to adapt ourselves to the market needs and
    successfully continued working with our partners to
    provide top-notch services