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    LidoRestaurant & café

    Lido Restaurant & café was founded in Dubai UAE in 1999 with the aim of promoting Tunisian gastronomy throughout the Emirates. The restaurant is centrally located in Deira providing a favorable location for its visitors. The shop offers a cosy Arabic style coffee shop in the ground floor and a restaurant with dedicated family space in the first floor.


    Ultimate Dining Experience like no other. Our Pan Arabian cuisine
    The multiple rotation of civilization on North Africa, from Carthaginian to Turkish and Arabic made the Tunisian cuisine unique in its kind. The profusion of its spices and recipes offers an amazing marriage of flavors that we are so keen to provide to our customers. Our commitment is to bring only the freshest, best quality and genuine ingredients to your table, complemented by the thoughtful design.


    Today, the Group has grown to multiples restaurants and Lido Hospitality became involved in providing catering to many high-end Hotels including the most recognized hospitality brands in the UAE.

    We aim to offer food and beverages products that satisfy our clients through
    -Reputable quality
    -Top notch service
    -High level of hygiene

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